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Let's face it: you probably don’t have a marketing department, and if you do, you might not have customer acquisition and retention departments. And if you have all of those, there’s no way you have a research and development team and accounting. And if by some miracle you have all of these, you’re probably wearing all those hats yourself! The point is, you’re not a big corporation. You can’t take the corporate ideas you learned in business school (or on the job), and apply them to a startup. Well, you can, but don’t expect them to work! 

What you do have, much like Luke, is The Force on your side. You have a world where growth hacking already exists, ready for you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of those startups that came before you. Now, you just need to learn how to awaken and harnass it within yourself.

What You Get From Growth Hacking

Growth hacking provides you the means to compete in a world of unlimited corporate resources, with  the limited resources you have. Plain and simple, it gives you the upperhand by taking advantage of the things that you can do because you’re a startup and not a giant corporation. Growth hacking is using all of your unique advantages to their utmost. Growth hacking gives you a direct path to success. It is a quick way to acquire traffic, customers, traction and sales without overspending precious time and finances. Growth hacking is The Force. 

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"Always in motion, the
future is."
Yoda Yoda

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